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Assuring Quality, Ensuring Safety

At CERTIFIED, our reputation is important, just as our customers’ reputation is to them. It is our responsibility to ensure safety, not only for our own employees, but for those with whom we count on and likewise count on us — our customers.

Wire rope, chain, rigging, testing, and spooling services are closely monitored to ensure quality workmanship and that safety practices are always followed.

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There are many factories around the world, old and new, that have merit, but there are many that are antiquated or simply not qualified to manufacture and produce acceptable products. We have dealt with the same factory for over a decade and we are proud to consider them our manufacturing partner. XIANYANG BOMCO STEEL is a highly sophisticated, modern, and state-of-the-art factory located in Xianyang, China. The best high-end equipment in the world can be found at this 1.6 million-square foot facility, including products from Italy, Germany, France, and China itself. Highly trained technicians and engineers account for an unparalleled R & D department, in which CERTIFIED has had the opportunity to invest our knowledge and expertise. The outcome of this manufacturing partnership has been so successful, we can say with confidence that there are very few factories around the world that can compete with the high-end quality of our products.

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Custom fabricated slings and specialized wire rope products are manufactured following the very highest of industry standards. At our proof testing facility, wire rope and chain product are certified, or re-certified, electronically with our 600,000-pound test bed. Our computerized records are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for customer access.

Ongoing inspections and re-certifications are highly recommended services provided in a cost-effective and timely manner. Inspections and re-certifications can be conducted at the CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE & TESTING facility or at an offsite location.

Our testing bed is designed to test, certify, and re-certify multiples of chain and wire rope assemblies. We also test spreader bars, blocks, and just about any oilfield or construction-related piece of equipment. Testing is carried out by qualified technicians with quick turnaround times and at competitive prices — guaranteed.

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