Sandlines for Canada & U.S. Well Services

DURAFLEX® various sandlines are designed to withstand the tough and grueling conditions found in down-hole tooling and swabbing. These specialized ropes are designed to withstand exposure to corrosive chemical solutions found in oil wells.

Installation Service

Our installation service is available 7 days a week for our sandline product customers. Installations are always performed by two highly qualified and extensively trained installation technicians. This service comes with our state-of-the-art spooling truck that is equipped with an eight-ton picker, eliminating the need for any additional costly picker services to be called in. This truck is capable of loading three sandlines at a time for multiple installs.

A built in capstan tensioning system allows for uniform, even spooling, based on your specific tensioning requirements. The spooling truck is in compliance with all DOT and WCB regulations and always double-manned for safety and efficiency. Our technicians hold certificates for:

  • Fall Arrest
  • H2S
  • First Aid

Following any installation, a computerized report sheet will be issued right on site with copies kept on file with our technicians.

4x15 Swaged Sandline

4x15 swaged

Our newest sandline has become the most popular rope for swabbing applications. This rope is proven to resist abrasion and has superior spin-resistant qualities.

6X7 FC Swaged Sandline

5x7 FC swaged

The large outer wires of our 6x7 FC swaged sandline provide excellent resistance against abrasion. The 6x7 FC swaged sandline is designed for harsh conditions.

5X7 FC Swaged

6x7 FC swaged
  • Compacted swaged design for greater strength per diameter
  • High-density construction for greater crushing and abrasion resistance
  • Compact cross section for greater surface area (less scrubbing, longer wear)

6x7 Galvanized

6x7 galvanized
  • Longer service in hostile down-hole conditions
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Operates smoothly and cleanly

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