CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE is proud to announce our newest innovative product in the DURAFLEX® WILD ROSE® series, DURAFLEXCORE 9 swaged core (Patented Core) shovel hoist line. This high-hour rope has the added benefit of early warning detection for potential rope failure. Over the past several years, CERTIFIED has worked closely with our manufacturing partner, XIANYANG BOMCO STEEL, to develop the most advanced shovel line available on the market today.

crane rope spools

This new product has achieved excellent results abroad and has now entered the North American market with trials in progress at the open pit mines in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Our signature trademark colour WILD ROSE® (PINK) specialized sheathing identifies all DURAFLEXCORE 9 (Patented Core) shovel lines. We proudly also own the trademark for the colour PINK (WILD ROSE®) for wire rope and company identification in the U.S. We will be expanding our current product line supply to the U.S. with shovel ropes being one of the more specialized products being made available. Helping promote a safer worksite is one of the intentions behind the bright pink color which offers superior visual observation during shovel operating.

Also available are boom pendants and crowd/retract lines and all related rigging for above ground mining equipment.

Minebright shovel line

For additional information, download our DURAFLEXCORE 9 (Patented Core) shovel hoist line brochure (PDF) or call CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE & TESTING.

Product Certifications

Download the Safety Certificate of Approval from our manufacturing partner for Mining Products (PDF).

*Note: Due to the manufacturing process, swaged cables feature a coloured indicator on the interior, not the exterior of these specialized ropes.

Minebright shovel line to Ft McMurry Oilsands

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