At CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE & TESTING, we carry an extensive inventory of high performance crane line ropes that are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. As part of the DURAFLEX® family of products, each rope is identified by our signature WILD ROSE® (PINK) strand or double strands.


A high-performance innovative crane line engineered with a specialized core that is designed to be more durable than its outer strands. This feature will help identify and determine any rope degradation from the outside in. An exceptional non-rotating rope designed for today’s demanding high lift applications while meeting the ever increasing safety and load criteria expected of today’s manufacturers. Strong, flexible, abrasion resistant rope because of the smooth outer compacted strands and an innovative swaged core that provides less stretch, more breaking strength and increased wear resistance on sheaves and drums.

Install Service

To achieve maximum life out of your hoist line, boom hoist cable, or auxiliary hoist cable, they must be installed properly. We consistently meet the many challenges involved with crane line installations by employing experienced long term installers along with our own specialized equipment. The install service truck is equipped with an 8T picker and capstan to ensure even and properly tensioned line every time and in good time. Computerized wrap sheets are printed out immediately upon completion of an install job no matter where that job takes us.

DURAFLEXCORE 35 (Patented Core) is available in all diameters for both metric and imperial sizes (10mm to 1 5/8”) to accommodate heavy lift crawlers, mobile cranes, pickers, and more. DURAFLEXCORE 35 (Patented Core) is a CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE brand of crane line that is guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality and performance of any domestic rope, guaranteed. A spooling truck dedicated to crane line installations means unparalleled service, quick turnaround, and 24/7 on call availability for urgent or emergency jobs. Our experienced installers will save your company valuable man hours and costly down time on equipment. Supply, install and inspect; now that’s service.

DURAFLEXCORE 35 (Patented Core) premium high performance rope is compatible with all makes a models of cranes such as Manitowoc, Liebherr, Grove, Dmag, and Link Belt to name a few. We also stock all the special end fittings and buttons specific to the crane types, and the qualified staff, to ensure you get the right components.

Our state-of-the art spooling service truck is available to our crane and picker customers - 24/7. Our professional installers will ensure lines are spooled onto your equipment under tension, in a safe and timely manner. Save downtime and possible installation errors by letting us look after your wire rope installation requirements. This service is guaranteed and can be done at our site, your site, or in the field. We recommend discussing our DURAFLEXCORE 35 (Patented Core) crane line product with any one of our qualified personnel to complement this service. DURAFLEXCORE 35 (Patented Core) is available in diameters ranging from 14mm to 36mm.

For additional information, please download our patent pending DURAFLEXCORE 35 (Patented Core) brochure (PDF) or feel free to call CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE & TESTING with a quote request or any questions you may have.

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35x7 cross section of wire
  • Built-in Safety Inspection Feature
  • High rotation resistance
  • May be used with a swivel
  • Strong yet flexible with excellent spooling properties
  • High breaking loads
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Less stretch

Please click on this link DURAFLEXCORE 35 (Patented Core) 35x7 HIGH PERFORMANCE ROPE for more information.

*Note: Due to the manufacturing process, swaged cables feature a coloured identification indicator on the interior, not the exterior of these specialized ropes.

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