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When you see the WILD ROSE® (PINK) coloured strands, you can be sure you are getting a quality DURAFLEX® product from CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE & TESTING. These products are engineered and developed in Canada and manufactured by XianYang Bomco Steel, a subsidiary of CHINA NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION (CNPC). XiangYang Bomco Steel was chosen as our manufacturing partner for their world-class facility that is API-REGISTERED and ISO9001-certified. For almost a decade, we have worked closely with this factory’s highly-qualified technicians and engineers to create products of unparalleled quality for every industry we supply.

Our many years working in and for “The Patch” have been a great asset in propelling our company’s growth and knowledge. As we service a variety of industries, we continue to excel at correcting or eliminating complicated problems with innovative solutions. The prime beneficiaries of this strong relationship between CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE & TESTING and XianYang Bomco Steel truly are our customers.


DURAFLEX® cables and wire ropes are available in a wide range of diameters, from 1/16” to 4”, and in a variety of steel grades, such as IPS, XIPS, and XXIPS. Regular round strand, compacted, galvanized, swaged, brite, and impregnated plastic varieties are all stock items. All WILD ROSE® and DURAFLEX® wire rope products are signature trademarks of CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE & TESTING and are supplied exclusively by us. WILD ROSE® strand wire rope is a legally registered trademark in both Canada and the U.S.

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*Note: Due to the manufacturing process, swaged cables feature a coloured identification indicator on the interior, not the exterior of these specialized ropes.

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DURAFLEX® and WILD ROSE® are registered trademarks of CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE & TESTING INC. View trademark documents:

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