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CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE & TESTING INC is the exclusive supplier and registered owner of DURAFLEX® wire rope products. Our wire rope’s quality is internationally recognized by companies involved in oil and gas, heavy hauling, construction, utilities, offshore drilling, heavy lifting, and mining applications.

Our facility is conveniently located in Nisku, Alberta, just south of Fort McMurray, the oilfield capital of the world. We have been servicing a wide range of customers throughout Canada, the U.S., and overseas for the past 20 years. To request a product or service, please feel free to contact us at any time. After hours telephone support and emergency callouts are available 24/7.

All WILD ROSE® Strand wire rope products are legally registered trademarks of the company in both Canada and the U.S. and available in both countries.

We Create

We believe that technology can never be truly meaningful unless it creates a significant impact in how clients conduct their business. At CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE & TESTING, we seek to create meaningful innovation that will provide a safer and more productive worksite.

We Test


CERTIFIED’S highly-qualified riggers and technicians manufacture and test products at our state-of-the-art, accredited rigging and testing facility. Our full service testing area is capable of running multiple pulls and features the longest test bed in the region — at 265 feet in length. Testing is an integral part of our safety and quality assurance programs and is always encouraged. If in doubt, let us ease your mind by looking after all your testing requirements.

Products we test: chains, wire ropes, slings, rigging hardware, synthetic web slings, round slings, below the hook devices, repaired or modified slings, hoists, socket assemblies (poured or swaged), shackles, oilfield and construction equipment and much more. CERTIFIED is the only full service testing facility in western Canada capable of the TRUE TEST. Please find out more about a true test along with important information on this essential service at our TESTING FACILITY page. Check out the PINK LINK® to CertTracker, a great web based (and complimentary) service for tracking certificates 24/7/365.

We Invest in Your Success

CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE & TESTING has remained focused on forming trusting relationships with customers and being there for them when they require sound technical advice. As a testament to our ingenuity and dedication, we will always go out of our way to find a custom solution to suit your requirements. Problem solving and finding better ways to work safely and efficiently through innovation and being hands on is what we are known for. We are committed to invest the time and energy needed to succeed for ourselves and for our customers.

We are pleased to announce two new innovative, high-value products: DURAFLEXCORE 9® (Patented Core) for mining and shovel applications, and DURAFLEXCORE 35® (Patented Core), designed for overhead crane applications. Both products are highly engineered with unique, built-in safety features.

DURAFLEX®, DURAFLEX SC®, DURAFLEXCORE 9®, DURAFLEX 9 ® (Patented Core), DURAFLEXCORE 35® (Patented Core), PINK LINK®, AND ‘WILD ROSE®’ (pink strand) are proudly owned trademarks/PP of CERTIFIED WIRE ROPE.



New Product


In early 2016 we will be introducing the newest addition to our DURAFLEX® line of quality wire rope products. DURAFLEXCORE 9® is a high strength swaged rope compacted rope designed and engineered to resist abrasion and well suited for main boom hoist and tubing applications. A specific swaging process combined with the addition of polymer ‘wires’ within the outer strands ensure a flexible yet extremely tough product to help combat drum crushing particularly on multi-layered drums. Extra lubrication is extruded deeply into the outer strands and to the core helping prevent potential dryness and significantly increasing rope operating life.

Current trials are recording a longer service life increase by as much as 3 times that of typical ropes used on crane boom lines and well servicing equipment.

NOTE: Because of the swaging process, DURAFLEXCORE 9® will have no exterior pink ‘WILD ROSE’ strand as an identifying marker. The cores of each outside strand will however be created with pink polymer ‘wires’ for easy identification as a CERTIFIED manufactured product.

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